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无间有爱 / Wu Jian You Ai

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In the year 1913, Yuan Shi Kai became the temporary president and began to conspire with foreign nations to sell the country. Four youths - Feng Yi, a spy who lives among the darkness for his country, Liu Yi Kui, a simple-minded, hot-blooded nationalist, Hua Er, a poor girl who only wishes for food and warmth, and Xiao Xue, a simple girl who wants to sing on stage - all get sucked into the secret plan to sell the country. Xiao Xue is full of love and admiration for Liu Yi Kui while Liu Yi Kui falls for the "female hero" Hua Er. Yet Hua Er is deeply in love with Feng Yi, who showed her kindness while she was a beggar. In the face of a secret conspiracy and the fate of a nation, their young love becomes even more entangled, and their friendship must overcome many tests, until finally, these insignificant beings become the nameless heroes of a nation! In those times, there was such a group of people, who were neither friends nor relatives to us, yet were willing to sacrifice themselves, making us who we are now.

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