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Following the death of her mother, Inga moves in to the home of her sexy and attractive aunt Greta. Quiet, shy and studious, Inga ignites the passion and imagination of every man she meets, yet she doesn't know how to react to the swelling desires that begin to ripen inside of her. Greta's twenty-something boyfriend - a brooding artist who's a drain on her finances - has his eyes on Inga, but he plays it cool and bides his time. Meanwhile, for monetary gain, Greta schemes to set Inga up with wealthy playboy Einar who has an insatiable fondness for wholesome girlish beauties. It is in the company of Greta'a young, sex-starved female friends where Inga witnesses firsthand the undeniable temptation of lust and seduction…and finally decides to give in to the cravings of her aching heart and stirring body. Who will be her lover?

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