Love Again


Lubeu Ugein - 러브 어게인

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Lee Tae-Jin (Choi Cheol-Ho) places an ad in the newspaper to have a reunion with astronomy club members from grade school. Im Ji-Hyun (Kim Ji-Su), Seo Young-Wook (Ryu Jung-Han), Lee Tae-Jin, & Kim Mi-Hee (Lee A-Hyeon) all gather for the first time in 30 years for their reunion. The former club members recall their carefree, youthful days, but they all face difficult situations in their present lives.
Ji-Hyun has a husband who is unemployed and two children. Her husband was also scammed out of their savings, by investing in fraudulent stocks. Ji-Hyun supports the family by working in a cafeteria. Young-Wook is a detective who has a wife and a son. Tae-Jin is separated from his wife. He is an editor at a magazine. He suffers from a terminal disease and doesn't have many days left. Mi-Hee is married and ha a daughter, but her husband is like a stranger now and her daughter is from her husband's extra-marital affair. Mi-Hee's life is certainly not all roses.
Since they meet at the reunion, they begin to have feelings for each other.

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25 de Abril de 2012
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