Love at the Aegean Sea


情定愛琴海 / Qing Ding Ai Qin Hai

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Beautifully filmed at Aegean Sea with lovely music, this romantic drama series with an all star-cast from Taiwan and Korea is a must-watch.

Guan Xiao Tong is a talented music student who hails from Shanghai. On a visit to Greece on the Aegean Sea, she got to know two guys. One is web-friend and free-spirited traveler Li Yao Xiang and the other is Li En Qi, the son of a rich businessman. En Qi lives a sheltered, controlled and lonely life under the watchful eyes of his parents. To the dismay of En Qi, his parents want to matchmake him with a rich man’s daughter.

Xiao Tong’s friendship with the two men blossoms. But there can only be one love for her… Who will she choose?

Estreia Mundial:
27 de Abril de 2004
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