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La Generación de Pío

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Pio is a spoiled, snob, lonely and extravagant 23 years old young man, but he is also a literature genius whose parents passed away in a tragic accident. He is the only heir of a big fortune that he decided to spend making reality a new dream, something that is even more important than the successful books he wrote. He wants to create a generation of writers such as those of the XX century. and he wants that his generation succeeds by copying the way of life and the conception of work of those who, one hundred years ago, managed to create a community devoted to literature. To do this Pio turns one of the castles he inherited into a Residence Hall and invites other awarded young writers. To convince them to be part of his dream Pio promises them a wage, however the guests must respect strict and old-fashioned rules. Six out of the eleven writers that Pio invited accept the conditions and move to the Residence Hall. But soon the differences between Pio and the writers become a problem. The young artists go party, drink and do not seem to care much about literature. This way of life threatens the dream of Pio, who has to face problems he never dealt with before

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