No Final de Um Dia Perfeito


At the End of a Perfect Day

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The story opens with an old couple in the evening of life, sitting by the fireside reminiscing the happenings of their younger days. How the young man had left his country home to seek work in the great city, and after many days of wandering had found employment as an office boy in the same office with the young lady. How she had taken an interest in him and before many days had become more than friends. Then came the climax which caused them to realize their true love for each other. The employer tried to force his attentions upon the young lady, and the office boy, hearing her cries of distress, had rushed into the private office and rescued her from the brute. Shortly after they were married, and now are at the end of a perfect day, sitting quietly at the fireside.

Estreia Mundial:
26 de Janeiro de 1915
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