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What's Up, Doc?

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What's Up, Doc? is a Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Robert McKimson and released by Warner Bros. Pictures in 1950 to celebrate Bugs Bunny's 10th birthday that year, in which he recounts his life story to a reporter from "Disassociated Press". Bugs talks about his birth, his rise to fame, the slow years, and when famous Vaudeville performer Elmer Fudd chooses him to be part of his act. Eventually the duo comes upon their classic formula of Hunter vs. Hare.

As usual, Mel Blanc voices Bugs in this short, and Arthur Q. Bryan voices Elmer Fudd. The other performers have never been officially identified. Based on other cartoons, it appears most likely that Dick Bickenbach voiced Bing Crosby while Dave Barry voiced Al Jolson and Eddie Cantor.

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17 de Junho de 1950
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