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Obra-irmã de ''Terra'', de Dovzhenko. Este filme socialista 'de vanguarda' sobre o despertar da consciência do coletivismo no campo foi banido em 1930 e redescoberto recentemente.
''An unknown Ukrainian film avant-garde masterpiece, this agitprop film, created in 1929, was banned and longforgotten: the first mentions of Bread appeared only in the 1970s. The movie’s epic language is especially laconic,while scenes of everyday life acquire a symbolic meaning. The special charm of the film comes from theunsurpassed camera work and innovative editing, which integrates the intertitles into semantics of the screenimages – clear, ascetic, expressive and remarkably suggestive. The soundtrack is created by Belarusian instrumentaltrio Port Mone, whose meditative music ideally fits the epic Bread.''
''Filmed in 1929 film 'Bread' have been remaining unknown, banned and never released on cinema screens for dozens of years. Only in the late 1970's a Russian film critic Naum Kleiman remembered about it for the first time. Rediscovered and renovated in 2012 by the Alexander Dovzhenko National Center (Kiev), a film after a long slumber was featured in the Ukraine in 2013.

Film 'Bread' is the largest Ukrainian discover in film industry in 2000s. In a certain sense, it calls into question of the exclusive right of Alexander Dovzhenko's 'Earth' to stay alone on Ukrainian Olympus of films. This is a story about collectivization. Luka returns to his native village after the Civil War, and starts to create a collective farm there. Completed in October 1929 "Bread" was sent on view in Moscow Repertoire Committee, which banned the picture. Protocol of March 7, 1930, and after alterations, again in 1931, with the motivation says: 'The picture gives a false picture of the struggle for bread. Middle class fell out of the picture completely. Recovery period, the relative economic strengthening fist (NEP), the class struggle, the preparation of political preconditions for collectivization and liquidation of the kulaks (industrialization) - it all fell out of the picture. The problem of bread is interpreted far out of due to the building of socialism .' The film was never released.'' [voices-festival]

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4 de Março de 1930
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