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Single Princesses and Blind Dates


单身公主相亲记 / Dan Sheng Gong Zhu Xiang Qing Ji

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The 25 years old Le Tong Tong has two best friends, Lala and Bamei. Three days ago, the conversation between the bride-to-be Le Tong Tong and her fiancé was recorded by the office’s hidden camera. The video about their breakup immediately was spread in the office.

Then came the shocking news that the young and beautiful newcomer in the Advertising department will replace Tong Tong as the bride. The humiliated Tong Tong tells a lie that she already has a new sweetheart. Everyone in the office, except Tong Tong’s two best friends Lala and Bamei, is full of expectations to what will unfold. Tong Tong comes up with the “Blind Dating Plan” overnight and vows to find a husband who is N times better than her ex. She will even give up all chances for promotion and will spend all her vacations and evenings in six months on blind dates. The story of the single princess and blind dates unfolds.

Estreia Mundial:
17 de Setembro de 2010
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