The Mask Of Love


Mei Zhuang

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Based on a popular online novel of the same name, Mainland suspense thriller The Mask Of Love stars Cherrie Ying (Virtual Recall) as novelist Li Wandou, who moves in with her white-collar boyfriend Ding Chaoyang (Zhang Duo) in an affluent residential district. Chaoyang is madly in love with her, but there's a locked room inside his large mansion that even she is forbidden to go near. One day, curiosity gets the better of her, and she enters the room to find traces of evidence that a woman once lived here. When confronted, Chaoyang admits that the room used to belong to his ex-wife, who has mysteriously disappeared for five years... award-winning TV director Chen Jian makes his jump to the silver screen with this solid adaptation of a gripping tale of twisted love and terrifying secrets that will keep you guessing the truth until the very last minute.

Estreia Brasil:
29 de Junho de 2012
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