The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of all Time


Radiohead - The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of all Time

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The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time (abbreviated TMGLMOAT) is a collection of twenty-four short films from English alternative rock band Radiohead, directed and edited by Chris Bran, one half of the Vapour Brothers.

It was released on DVD on 1 December 2004. The DVD release contains all four episodes of the original broadcast from Radiohead Television, an online television station, featuring unheard songs from the band, live studio performances, as well as interviews.

The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time is named after a collage by German artist John Heartfield.

Episode One:

1. The Cat Girl (directed by Ebba Erikzon)
2. The Slave (directed by James Field)
3. When an Angel Tries to Sell You Something (directed by Rick Hind and Ajit N. Rao)
4. Skyscape (directed by Vernie Yeung)
5. Sit down. Stand up. (directed by Ed Holdsworth)

Episode Two:

1. Lament (directed by Cath Elliot)
2. The Big Switch (directed by Chris Levitus)
3. The Scream (directed by Paulo Neves)
4. Inside of My Head (directed by Ashley Dean)
5. De Tripas Y Corazon (directed by Juan Pablo Etcheverry)

Episode Three:

1. Listen to Me Wandsworth Road (directed by Ebba Erikzon)
2. Hypnogoga (directed by Louise Wilde)
3. And Murders of Crows (directed by Paul Rains)
4. Freak Juice Commercial (directed by Rick Hind and Ajit N. Rao)
5. "Running" (directed by Hannah Wise)
6. Push Pulk / Spinning Plates (directed by Johnny Hardstaff)

Episode Four:

1. Dog Interface (directed by Juan Pablo Etcheverry)
2. HYTTE (directed by Gary Carpenter)
3. Momentum (directed by Camella Kirk)
4. Chickenbomb (directed by Vernie Yeung)
5. Welcome to My Lupine Hell (directed by Ashley Dean)
6. The Homeland Hodown (directed by Jason Archer and Paul Beck)
7. I Might Be Wrong (directed Sophie Muller)
8. The National Anthem (directed Mike Mills)

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