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Tyttö Sinä Olet Tähti


Beauty and the Bastard

Dirigido por:
Média geral 2.8
baseado em 2 votos
Sua avaliação:
L - Livre para todos os públicos 102 minutos

The Finnish musical drama "Beauty and the Bastard," is about opposites attracting between a naive well-off young female singer Nelli, (Pamela Tola) and rap DJ Sune (Samuli Vauramo), a promising but uncompromising rap DJ in the offices of a major record company.
A woman dulled with praise, Nelli (Pamela Tola), is well on her way to Med-School thanks to her parents, but dreams of a career as a singer. She is desperate to find a demo to show off her talents.
Sune is a crude agent who is afraid of women. To show his friends otherwise, he makes a bet that he can get Nelli to sleep with him. His friends don’t believe a beauty like her would be even remotely interested in him. But meanwhile Nelli sees an opportunity to get herself a free demo.
Playing each other they end up falling in love. This causes troubles for both. The beauty has to learn how to not please everybody and the drifter has to begin considering others in his life and his art. Nelli's father and her boyfriend are not wild about the idea.
Tyttö sinä olet tähti is modern picture of Finnish youth at the brink of adulthood. It tells of love, dreams and principles - as well as how everything often turns out the other way you expect.

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