Wish Upon a Star


별은 내가슴에 / Byeol-eun Nae-ga-seum-e

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  • Star in My Heart - Estados Unidos da América
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An orphan (Choi Jin-sil) is adopted into a hostile family environment. She harbors an undiscovered artistic talent, which helps to catapult her into the lives of two men. She was taken to her father's friend family, after her father died, although while his father's friend had warm feeling towards her she was met with hostility from her new stepmother (Park Won Sook) and her stepsister (Jo Mi Ryung), who throughout the series are intriguing with against her. She becomes engaged in a relationship with a young, promising star (Ahn Jae Wook) a son of a rich businessman who's against his only son being a singer because it doesn't uphold to his values of a good occupation a man should be busy with. Joon-hee (Cha In Pyo) who's a lead designer in one of the fashion houses, becomes a friend of Yun-hee and eventually helps her to make a career as a designer as well.

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