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It sure is nice to see an animated film with a unique look, and WUNDERWERK certainly does have a distinctive and lovely style. The film looks like it might be a combination of traditional animation with CGI, but I am not sure exactly how it was made. I sure did like the 3-D look to it--such as when the characters moved about outside--moving under trees and around things very realistically. I'm pretty sure computers were done to create this effect, but the characters themselves looked more like drawings. The color palate was also interesting--with lots of sepia tones and grays.

The film begins with a troll-like person creating a mechanical bird. Once it comes to life and sees birds flying about outside, it seems to think it's a real bird and wants to fly with them. The man tries to catch it--injuring the mechanical bird in the process. But, like the sappy poem about "if you love something, let it go", the guy mends the bird and sends it on its way.

Overall, it's a nice animated short mostly because of the animation quality--which is terrific and well worth seeing.

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