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How much do you sacrifice of yourself in order to make a relationship work? Chen Zi Hao (Purba Rgyal) has been a contented bachelor until he meets Ye Ting (Jessie Chiang), who returns to her hometown after being educated overseas. Although their outlook on life is very different, they manage to make their relationship work. But on the day that Zi Hao decides to propose, Ye Ting suddenly disappears. Meanwhile, Lu Yi Ping (Li Yue Ming) and Tong Xin Yu (Gong Jie) are college sweethearts. After graduation, Xin Yu gives up on her career to follow Yi Ping to a foreign city so that he can chase his dreams of becoming a producer while Xin Yu works as a secretary for his company. Unable to deal with his long work hours, the two break up. What happens when Xin Yu runs into Yi Ping again a few months later at a social gathering where Zi Hao also is in attendance?

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