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A Batalha de Elderbush Gulch


The Battle of Elderbush Gulch

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Média geral 3.7
baseado em 8 votos
Sua avaliação:
29 minutos

Sally (Mae Marsh) and her little sister are sent to visit their three uncles in the west. Among other baggage they bring their two puppies. Melissa (Lillian Gish) is in the same stagecoach with husband and new born baby. The uncles find the little girls amusing but tell them that the dogs must stay outside. Meanwhile, a nearby tribe of very very evil looking Indians is having a tribal dance. The puppies, left outside in a basket, run off. Sally, worried about the dogs goes outside and discovers they are gone. She follows their trail and runs into two hungry Indians who have captured them for food. There is a scuffle but her uncles arrive and intervene. Gunfire ensues and one of the Indians is left dead. The other Indian returns to the tribe to inform them and aroused by "savage hatred" they go into a war dance.

Estreia Mundial:
28 de Março de 1914
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