A Conversation With Koko The Gorilla


A Conversation With Koko The Gorilla

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The story documents the incredible development of a gorilla named Koko, whose learning of American Sign Language (and understanding of spoken English) gives new meaning to the ideas of animal intelligence and inter-species communication. Witness an animal who not only expresses wants and needs but also exhibits creativity and complex, human-like emotions. After being told that her pet kitten died in an accident, Koko demonstrates deep and sincere sadness-and seems to express exactly that when left alone that night. Most amazingly, she maintains a deep and enduring friendship with her human teacher and playmate, Dr. Penny Patterson. But will Dr. Patterson’s innovative experiment end with Koko? Or will Koko give birth and transmit her knowledge to a new ape generation? Narrated by Martin Sheen, this inspiring, unforgettable program seeks the answers.

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