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After graduation, friends Zheng-nan and Dan-ping take up jobs as news-anchor trainees in the same television station. Soon, both become new anchors and so starts the struggle of ambition and betrayal between them, culminating when Yi-park(Zhang He), a news producer and the love of Zheng-nan, falls for Dan-ping and marrying her. As the plot progresses, unbeknownst to each, Dan-ping and Zheng-nan are in fact biological sisters. When the Wenchuan earthquake strikes, Zheng-nan replaces the pregnant Dan-ping to cover the disaster on site. Yi Park dies in the disaster zone and Dan-ping becomes so grief-stricken that she suffers a miscarriage. Meanwhile, Zheng-nan loses her voice due to great mental stress and physical exertion, Dan-ping, though seriously ill, re-surfaces in the studio to take her place...

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