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- Dominicana, República

Albert Xavier made his first independent feature film "Red Passport" in 2002. The film won 4 awards and was distributed worldwide by Maverick Entertainment. Xavier is on a worldwide festival tour with his 2nd feature Dominican film, "Hermafrodita" which has won the Audience Choice Awards and Best Film Award a Chicago Latino and San Juan International Film Festival in Puerto Rico. The film releases nationwide in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the United States in December of 2010 through Belier Entertainment and AMC Independent. With his production company, Belier Entertainment he has produced medical HIV documentaries in Africa, Russia and Mexico for Doctor's of the World. Xavier earned his merits as a television director/cameraman for ESPN's Nascar and Poker Torunaments, HBO Latino Boxing, Award winning short films, commercials and music videos. His credits also include the Pilot of MTV hit reality show "Last Train To Paris/Making His Band" and the Alicia Key's Freedom Tour 2010. His next project, slated for the spring of 2011, is a dramatic musical feature film based on the lives of Los Hermanos Rosarios in the Dominican Republic and his first English feature in the states, "Junk".

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