Alerta: Recuento de Cadáveres


Alerta: Recuento de Cadáveres

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  • Beware! Body Count - Estados Unidos da América
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Morbido Films present "Alerta! Recuento de cadáveres"a.k.a "Beware! Body Count"

An Argentinian-Brazilian-Chilean-Cuban-Spanish and Mexican co-production.

Eight Latin stories about horror and violence taken from the "red note". (events page) told by the wildest (controversial) Spanish speaking directors. An anthology of Latin horror stories that do not come out of comics or literature, but the pages of events (red note). The most infamous Latin horror genre directors bring to the screen the roughest and scariest real life crimes.

"Beware! Body Count" immerses the audience in a POV nightmare trough 8 horror stories based on real crimes. Passion crimes and black magic rites from Cuba, sadist torturers operating in the Mexican border, violent home invasions and abuse in Spain, psychopaths and police brutality from Chile, family violence and profaned corpses in Argentina and a gang of Brazilian cannibals are the main ingredients of this film, the first horror anthology that brings together some of the most controversial Latin horror filmmakers.

Directed by: Patricio Valladares (Hidden in the Woods), Ramiro García Bogliano (Penumbra), Rodrigo Aragâo (Mar Negro), Jorge Mella (La Gravedad del Púgil), Lex Ortega (Atroz), Demián Rugna (The Last Gateway), Paco Limón (Doctor Infierno) and Jorge Molina (Molina's Feroz) and Executive Producer Pablo Guisa Koestinger (Mórbido Film Festival). And the artwork teaser poster is by Mexican artist GURO.

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