All My Tomorrows


Zejtra Naporad

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"I’ll take anything I can lay my hands on,” says young, dynamic Petr, referring to the deals he fixes up in Asia that guarantee him a decent standard of living back home. Yet while he confesses in one of his monologues that he likes the edginess of uncertainty, he’s now at a stage when he’s starting to re-evaluate certain aspects of his life. Particularly in the wake of his latest transaction, which doesn’t go according to plan. He washes his hands of it and takes off, chased by various thugs sent by their boss to sort things out. But life always has a few surprises in store, and Petr’s attempts to put his priorities in order might take a while and get a bit fraught at times. This story of a man whose life is driven by unresolved relationships and his dreamer’s insouciance, is built upon genre dynamism and the endeavour to highlight issues concerning what is important in life. “I think we need strong male characters in Czech films,” states the debut director who, through his protagonist Petr, attempts to rectify this deficiency.

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11 de Julho de 2014
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