Ambassadors of the Jungle


Ambassadors of the Jungle

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Among the high peaks of Papua New Guinea, upholstered in thick jungles, ethnicities inhabit the lands that inspired all that terrible sailors' stories at the begining of XX Century. They are the head-cutters, warlike cannibal clans that keep colorful rituals and lifestyles attached to nature.

We will meet the inhabitants of the Highlands and colorful body painting, participate in rituals "sing-sing" of the Asaro people, where mud men try to keep out enemies with its terrifying aspect, we will find the "enga mummies" of Kukukuku, bodies of warriors who were smoked for preserving them.

On the Sepik river, we finally find the exuberant nature of the region and the men who worship the crocodile, their flagship specie from which they seek the possession of their spirit through frenzied rites and painful scars tattoos they do in their bodies as an imitation of this great reptile skin.

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