An Angel Named Billy


An Angel Named Billy

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Billy é um jovem gay que procura um homem que "queria ajudá-lo". Billy se apaixona por James, durante a dura fase da adolescência para o mundo adulto responsável.

Meet Mark Anderson, a recent stroke victim who is frail and weak. Also, his best friend Thomas, a classic over the hill drag queen desperate for love and happiness. Mark and Thomas have a master plan, to find Mark's son, James Anderson the love of his life once and for all. Meanwhile, Billy, a young gay teenager who has just turned 18 gets his first country kiss from his best friend Rick and is immediately caught and then thrown out of his house by his abusive father. With no place to turn, no cash and no contacts, Billy hitch hikes to the big city. Confused, lost and running scared, Billy soon finds a help wanted ad posted in a local city gay café by James. Billy interviews for the job and soon accepts the challenge as the role of caretaker on the spot. He quickly learns about full responsibility, independence, not to mention real life lessons about being gay. Billy unexpectedly finds himself in love with James and builds a bond with Mark that is unbreakable. "An Angel Named Billy" is a heartwarming, funny and unforgettable story of an abused boy who in leaving his life of hate and mistrust is able to come to terms in his own way of being gay in a modern world. Finding new friends, unexpected love and a whole new way of life will never be quite the same again.

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1 de Janeiro de 2007
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