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Arturo Castro 'Bigotón'

Nomes Alternativos: Arturo 'Bigoton' Castro | Arturo 'Bigotón' Castro | Arturo Castro | Bigoton Castro | Bigotón Castro | Jose 'Bigoton' Castro | Los Kikaros

0Número de Fãs

Nascimento: 21 de Março de 1918 (55 years)

Falecimento: 6 de Março de 1974

Cidade do México - México

Arturo Castro was the nephew of Lupe Rivas Cacho (1984-1975), who the first actress to star in a Mexican silent film, "la muerte civil," 1918. Castro and his brothers, Javier Polivo, & Antonio, were part of a family of Mexican entertainers. Their children currently have become what is known as the Castro dynasty of entertainers. Arturo's son Benito is a singer, songwriter, comedian, & actor, who along with his cousins, Gualberto, son of Antonio, Arturo, & Javier sons of Javier Polvio, the late Jorge Castro, who was also brother to Arturo & Javier, whose son Jorge Jr., form currently the well-known musical group "Los Hermanos Castro," The Brothers Castro. Arturo "El Bigoton" Castro began his career as a comedian in the Mexican Carpas, gradually he moved into nightclubs, theaters, & film.