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Hokkyoku no Muushika Miishika

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Hokkyoku no Muushika Miishika (English:The Polar Cubs, A North Pole Adventure) is written by Tomiko Inoi and Mei Kato. It was released July 21,1979 in Japan and directed by Chikao Katsui. The art director is Seiji Miyamoto. The director of photography is Kenichi Yoshizaka. In Japan, Nikkatsu Children's Movies distributed this movie. In America, It was distributed by Meeker Media. Colleen Meeker herself was a producer in the English Adaptation. Mushi Productions produced this movie in Japan, Video Treasures produced it in America. The executive producer for the Japanese rendition is Satoshi Ito. Original Editing is done by Harutoshi Ogata. Osamu Tezuka is the supervisor for the movie. "Scholar" Muu is the smartest animal in the north pole. His job is to blow a special whistle yearly that calls all the animals together on the summer solstice. March is Muu's mate. She is the mother of two male cubs and the guardian of one female cub. She gave birth to two fraternal male twin cubs....

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21 de Julho de 1979
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