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Título AURORA - Nothing is Eternal (Original)
Ano produção 2016
Dirigido por
4 de Agosto de 2016 ( Mundial )
Outras datas
Duração 11 minutos
Países de Origem


Watch Nothing Is Eternal, The FADER’s Otherworldly Short Film About AURORA.

In Bergen, Norway, the pop artist shares the childhood secrets that helped to build her captivating musical world.

“Music is not something you should keep for yourself. It can’t be put in a cage, because it’s wild and alive.” So says AURORA, the 20-year-old Norwegian singer-songwriter behind fantastical, stampeding folk-pop songs like “Conqueror” and “Runaway.” AURORA’s music often looks at the everyday with a kind of wide-eyed wonder, and in this new documentary short Nothing Is Eternal — directed by Isaac Ravishankara, and produced by The FADER with YouTube Music — it’s plain to see that that this worldview is no performance. It’s simply how AURORA lives her life.

Following the artist from the bustling streets of New York to her rain-soaked hometown of Bergen, the film includes interviews with AURORA's closest friends, as well as uniquely stripped-back performances of tracks including “Warrior” and “Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1).” Whether she’s reminiscing on her childhood with her sisters, dancing through the city streets in her headphones, or discussing the secret life of apples, there’s a spellbinding quality to everything the artist does.

“When I first met you, I was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a girl who’s magic,’” one of AURORA’s childhood friends remembers in a particularly endearing scene. The deeper this film goes into her lush and rose-tinted world, the harder it is to shake that feeling off.

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