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  • Automatons - Estados Unidos da América
  • Death To The AUTOMATONS - Estados Unidos da América
  • Death To The Automatons - Estados Unidos da América
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A low-tech efffects film about the horrors of war and robots.
Somewhere in the distant future, The Girl is alone.
She is the last of her people, the others having died in a generations-long war that The Girl continues to fight with the assistance of a group of antiquated robot helpers and soldiers.
Her only connection to her long-dead people is a collection of recorded journal entries made by the scientist who cared for her as a baby.
His is the only friendly human face she’s ever seen.
The regular transmissions from her enemy's leader are always filled with threats and taunts.
The Girl responds to these invasions by attack of her own, carried out by her mechanical soldiers on the contaminated surface where no human can survive.
Men started this war.
The machines will finish it.

Estreia Brasil:
29 de Julho de 2008
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