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Título Autopsy: Life & Death (Original)
Ano produção 2006
Dirigido por
2006 ( Mundial )
Outras datas
Duração 240 minutos
Classificação 16 - Não recomendado para menores de 16 anos
Países de Origem


How do you imagine your own death? Will it be peaceful? Will it be quick? Will you be old? Our death is a mystery to us. We cast it as an outsider, a thief, robbing us of our breath in an instant, without warning. But death is less mysterious than we imagine. Its origins are in our genes, in the things that happen to us, in what we do. In this series, controversial anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens shows, through live dissections of human bodies, how the two courses of your death can be found in the way you are designed and the way you live your life. Four episodes, focusing on circulation, cancer, poisoning and ageing, are all demonstrated with human dissections, as well as live and scientific models, to reveal what disease really looks like and how it works.