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Something like that has never happened to him before. During an autopsy the hardened cop Rico faints. This is not only about his current case, a gay professor of medicine who has become the victim of a brutal violent crime. The attractive new pathologist Emmanuel may also have triggered this sudden weakness. Although Rico knows every dark corner of his city of Lyon, he might not know all the dreams and fantasies which are hidden inside himself. On the hunt for a serial killer the two get closer to each other. But in a chaos of feelings and in the maelstrom of violence, they suddenly become a policeman and suspect.

Eric Mercadier is a 45-year-old police officer in Lyon. He is married to Anne, a 40 year-old psychologist, and the couple have a somewhat rebellious 16-year-old son, Paco. Eric’s private life is turned upside down the day he meets the new forensic expert, Emmanuel Rivière, during an investigation. The two men fall in love at first sight

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