Baller Blockin


Baller Blockin

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The Movie you are about to view is a classic movie. Back in the day The Hot Boys made alot of hit records,and wonderfull music videos. Birdman aka Baby is the Producer of this movie. As like the outher cast like ,Lil Wayne, Juvinile, BG,and Birdman. The movie came out in early 2000 when lil wayne started to be apart of the Hot Boys,and thats were he originaly satrted his hip-hop/rap career.But later on the years beef started to break outand The Hot Boys fell apart and no more selling hit records with one and other.As for Lil Wayne and Birdman are still in Cash Money Young Money Records and making albums and selling mixtapes.After the years The Hot Boys never returned and went thier seprate ways in the hip hop game.Birdman and Lil Wayne are still together with Cash Money Young Money Records,and seeking to reunite with other foes from the past.

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25 de Janeiro de 2000
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