Ballymun Lullaby


Ballymun Lullaby

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A heart-warming and uplifting documentary about a dedicated Dublin music teacher and his pupils.

On Dublin's north side lies Ballymun, home to the only high-rise housing estate in the Republic of Ireland. Like many 1960s tower blocks, it became associated with poverty, drug addiction and other symptoms of deprivation. But Ballymun has recently undergone an extraordinary transformation. Most of the tower blocks have been demolished and there's a renewed sense of pride in the community. Ron Cooney has worked here for 15 years, inspiring a passion for music among his young pupils. He sees an opportunity to encourage them to tell their own stories through a world-class collection of compositions. In doing so, they will also challenge the stigma that still attaches to Ballymun. The project soon attracts the attention of the RTE Concert Orchestra, leading to a unique collaboration. Frank Berry's joyous documentary includes contributions from Oscar-winning Ballymun native Glen Hansard, star of 'Once'.

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