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Bas Ek Pal

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Nikhil Kapoor (Sanjay Suri) decides to come back from the USA to Mumbai. When he arrives, he decides to chill out at a nightclub. There he meets a woman and instantly falls for her; she, however, doesn't even introduce herself. After he asks her name, she goes away. The next day, Nikhil meets his old friend Rahul (Jimmy Shergill). The two play basketball, and hang out together. Whilst in the company of Rahul and Steve (Rehaan Engineer), another one of Nikhil's friend; the woman shows up again and she is revealed to be Anamika Joshi (Urmila Matondkar). She walks in with her friend Farhad, and when Nikhil tries to talk to Anamika, Farhad behins to think he is flirting or disturbing her, and a fight breaks out.

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15 de Setembro de 2006
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