BET on Jazz - The Jazz Channel Presents: B.B. King


BET on Jazz - The Jazz Channel Presents: B.B. King

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  • The Jazz Channel Presents: B.B. King - Estados Unidos da América
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The reigning king of the blues, B.B. King, rules supreme on BET on Jazz: The Jazz Channel. The legendary blues guitarist and his beloved "Lucille," let the good times roll in a live concert recorded at Black Entertainment Television Studio II in Washington, DC. This electrifying Jazz Central performance features the trademark guitar and vocal styles that have made B.B. King one of the most influential blues musicians of the 20th century.

1.(Introduction) Two I Shoot Blues
2. Let The Good Times Roll
3. I'll Survive
4. Bad Case Of Love
5. Peace Of Mind
6. Caldonia
7. Blues Boys Tune
8. Early In The Morning
9. Just Like A Woman
10. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
11. The Thrill Is Gone
12. I Know
13. Don't Go No Further
14. Please Accept My Love
15. Making Love Is Good For You

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