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Body Love


Body Love

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18 - Não recomendado para menores de 18 anos 76 minutos

Directed by porn pioneer, Lasse Braun, this was his third feature film. Braun had already produced and directed dozens of hardcore loops since the late 1960s, but he'd made very few full length features. This film stars the incredible Catherine Ringer, who plays Martine, the teenage daughter of a baron (Jean Gerard Sorlin). Martine is a sexy but spoiled young lesbian, who has a steamy and possessive affair with the lovely blonde Gilda (Gilda Arancio). Martine also has a sex slave named Nana (Gemma Gimenez), a girl from Uruguay, who lives in a travel trailer on the palace grounds. She shares her sex slave with a reporter (Jacques Gateau) who befriends her after interviewing her stepmother, Glenda (Gwenda Farnel), an actress who will soon be appearing in her first porn film. There are only four major sex scenes but they are well filmed, exciting and a genuine turn-on.

Lasse Braun is no stranger here [Sensations, Love Inferno, Wet Dreams]. Body Love [with an English language track] is different than his usual porn films. With higher production values, better story and original music [by ex-Tangerine Dream electronics whiz Klaus Schulze] it appears to be aiming for the larger arthouse softporn audience that films like Emmannuelle were attracting.

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