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Bullet Holes


Bullet Holes

16 - Não recomendado para menores de 16 anos 167 minutos

Everet Garner (Miller) never had the easy life. Growing up he was always compared to a dead man by a alcoholic mother who couldn’t get over losing her first son, he was bullied in school for the second hand clothes he had to wear and the general awkwardness he exhibited and his uncle Irving had been ‘teaching him lessons’ for years, because he could. It wasn’t until he was in middle school that he met Jenna Valentine (Riley), a girl who changed his life just by being there and listening. She was the sweetheart everyone loved, including Everet. But she wasn’t just what there seemed to be on the surface either, she had her own secrets that she shared with him. They had something special. Until one day she’s killed right in front of him, and suddenly nobody remembers who she is. It was almost as if Jenna never existed, as if Jenna never died in his arms. But he knew she did and he knows who her killers are, and if no one else is going to avenge her death, he will.

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