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Manolo Bonilla (John Leguizamo) is a star television journalist working in Ecuador reporting on the outcome of Monster of Babahoyo, a serial killer who has been ravaging the country killing young boys and girls. Manolo and his TV crew, producer Marisa (Leonor Watling), and camera man Iván (Jose Maria Yazpik) are reporting on the funeral of three young children who were victims. When a local Bible salesman Vinicio Cepeda (Damián Alcázar) accidentally hits and kills a young child who runs in front of his truck, the funeral crowd goes berserk and attempts to lynch the man. Manolo urges Iván to get pictures of the savage crowd but intercedes in stopping the crowd from killing Cepeda. Cepeda is thrown in jail where he suffers excruciating persecution for his accidental vehicular manslaughter of the little boy. Manolo visits Cepeda in jail hoping for an expose for TV to uncover the imbalance in the justice system, but when the older man reveals that he knows something that he has learned from meeting the Monster of Babahoyo, Manolo sends his crew away and determines to get the scoop that will boost his career. Cepeda explains that his interaction with the murderer is genuine and points Manolo and his camera man to a grave site where they discover another dead body. The police learn that Manolo and his crew have information that is evidence and confront the TV team in a tense showdown of will and politics.

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