Danielle Dax: Bad Miss M Live


Danielle Dax: Bad Miss M Live

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Recorded at the Camden Palace Theatre, London on 30th December 1985 this DVD is the ideal showcase for the artist, musician, actress, Danielle Dax. Completely taken over by her onstage persona, Danielle seamlessly combines theatre and music to astonishing and beautiful effect as she performs an intense and moving set.

01 Ostrich
02 Bed Caves
03 Pariah
04 Fortune Cheats
05 Evil Honkey Stomp
06 Bad Miss M
07 Up In Arms
08 Numb Companions
09 Shame Men
10 Here Come The Harvest Buns
11 Yummer Yummer Man
12 Sleep Has No Property
13 Hammerheads
14 Fizzing Human Bomb
15 Tower Of Lies
16 Bad Miss M

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