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A chance meeting between a spoiled rich girl who has fallen from grace and a recently divorced fifty-something in search of employment sends the lives of both in directions that neither had ever imagined in a dark comedy from director Johan Kling. Eva (Michelle Meadows) is a living the easy life in Stockholm. A silver spoon-fed girl in her twenties who works for no other reason than to fend off boredom, Eva lives in a comfortable flat with her boyfriend Micke (Richard Ulfsater). Abandoned by Micke for sleeping with the handsome Nico (Mikael Lindgren), troubled Eva finds her relationship woes compounded by the announcement that her mother is moving abroad. Now, for the first time in her charmed life, it appears that Eva will have to work out of necessity if she is to earn enough to pay the rent on her modest new flat. Meanwhile, across town, middle-aged Bernard (Michael Segerstrom) pounds the pavement in search of work. When fate brings Eva and Bernard together in a local McDonalds, the young girl's weary but kindly new friend gradually tempers her naïve arrogance. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi.

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