Dear Mom


Dear Mom / 我的寶貝四千金 / My Four Precious Daughters

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The Li family have four precious daughters. Each is different in their own way. Eldest An Qing is the perfect daughter to everyone, excelling academically and successful. She lives in the US with her young son and husband, but when she returns to Taiwan she hides from her family that she has been recently divorced. Second daughter Yi Wan, is obedient to her parents and kind to others. Simpleminded and a bit of a klutz, but she never worries her parents. She works as a kindergarten teacher. Third daughter Qing Qing is a workaholic, who at times is over confident of herself. She is the personal secretary to the CEO of a trading company. Her unbalance work/personal life makes her mother worry that she will never have time to date or find a steady boyfriend. Then there is fourth and youngest daughter Xiao Xi. She is a University student who is spoiled by dad and lives a carefree life. The four Li sisters pursue life and love differently from each other.

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