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Deliriously Jen


Deliriously Jen

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20 year old Jen (Jen Manley) is new to being out on her own, having just moved out of her controlling mother's house. Her mother has messed Jen up so badly, that in her young adulthood, she is the definition of naive & oblivious. Jen is certain that she's the life of parties, a lot of fun to be around and that everyone wants to be her friend, but unfortunately, that just isn't true. But Jen isn't alone, her friends and neighbors are also socially rejects, only in different ways. And you'll get to meet them all! Happy but delirious Jen lives in an apartment complex where 12 dwellings surround a shared courtyard and a myriad of over-the-top characters reside. They are a veritable plethora of odd, social rejects who know of each other, but not necessarily by name;...

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