Don't Think


Don't Think

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Exclusive to EVENT Cinemas. For nearly two decades, the Chemical Brothers “mind-bending” audiovisual live show has played to packed houses and festivals across the globe. But it has never been documented on film. Until now. In 2011, at the iconic Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, The Chemical Brothers played a headline set in front of 50,000 fans which was captured on 21 cameras. Immersing us in the thick of a frenetic crowd, ‘Don’t Think’ captures the synaesthetic barrage of sound, film and light and the transforming effect it has on its audience. Directed by Adam Smith, one of the show’s visual creators, we are taken on a magical realist psychedelic journey where we feel the show rather than merely watch it. On 26th January, 20 cinemas across 20 cities worldwide will host an exclusive screening offering lucky fans the first chance to see this very special film.

Estreia Brasil:
3 de Fevereiro de 2012
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