Dumping Lisa


Dumping Lisa

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Marty Cutter and LaDon Love are a couple of conniving slackers who earn their living "dumping" girlfriends of confrontation challenged men. When Jerry Skinner shows up at their door to hire "Booty Boot" to help extract him from his main squeeze, Marty and LaDon figure he's just another easy mark and money machine. They even train Jerry to perform the "dump" himself. Piece of cake. Except they weren't counting on encountering Jerry's lady, Lisa Klinger. No matter how much they coach Jerry in the fine art of "the dump", he keeps failing. Miserably. None of Booty Boot's usual sure-fire techniques and tactics are doing the trick--somehow Lisa manages to fend them off and frustrate their efforts. That's when Marty decides to take matters into his own hands. The self-described "Chick-i-nator" does a masterful job "playing" Lisa and successfully free's up Jerry...but now finds HIMSELF stuck with her--and he can't shake her loose. No matter what the increasingly desperate Marty tries, Lisa is now HIS problem...and he must rely on Jerry to figure out a way to unshackle him from her clutches.

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