Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling with Life


Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling with Life

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This biography of the American writer Ernest Hemingway is aptly titled, since Hemingway was forever struggling with life. A mixture of outdoorsman and intellectual, Hemingway has become emblematic of a certain way of life in the 20th century. His personal style and his many written works have become intertwined in the public imagination. In this A&E portrait, both the man and the myth are examined in an illuminating way.
I don’t know if it was that A&E always try to water things down, or if it was just that they only centered on certain things and aspects of Ernest’s life, but I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be with Hemingway’s biography. As a writer I already had a good knowledge of Hemingway’s life, and although I learned a few things about him and his life, I still felt there was a lot missing.
They seemed to just skate over certain details and times in the man’s life as if it wasn’t important. Paris, a major chunk of his life seemed more like a small vacation he once took, and although Hemingway was always talking about his writing and the craft itself, they seemed to center more on…

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