Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out


Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out

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"Everyone Stares" is a first-person acount from Stewart Copeland's eyes of The Police's asent from obscurity to worldwide fame. Culled from over 50 hours of super 8 movies he shot during the alaimed trio's heyday, the film offers an insider's view on touring with fellow band members Sting & Andy Summers and the reaction of adoring fans worldwide, all of which, gives the audiene a unique perspective from the drummer's seat. Copeland scores this remarkable movie using more than sixty music cues taken from original studios versions, rare live performances and seven previously unreleased 'derangements' of lassic Police studio & live tracks created solely for this film. This DVD also inludes over 20 minutes of bonus footage not seen in other versions of the film and a bonus commentary by Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland.

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