Fårö Island Mystique


Fårö Island Mystique

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This 16 minute short features footage from films that Ingmar Bergman has shot at the Baltic island Faro, which is located in the North East Atlantic, off the northern coast of Gotland, near Russia, where he lives with a fishing population of 48,000. These films are Persona, Shame, and The Passion of Anna, their themes supported by the isolated island's rocky shores, grey skies, and long winters.

Interviewed are Liv Ullmann, who lived on the island with Bergman for 5 years, Bibi Andersson, Erland Josephson, and Bergman biographer Marc Gervais. Bergman is seen in interview footage from the 1970 Canadian program Man Alive, and there are also color photographs of the island from Aldo Garzie.

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