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From Hell... With Love


From Hell... With Love

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Imagine being pummeled into a submissive coma, only to wake up with a black eye.
That's what it's like to see Aiden live.
For much of the last decade, Aiden has been an uncanny force of high-energy punk rock that cannot be equaled.
Having conquered Warped Tour, Download Festival, Taste Of Chaos and many other tours and festivals, Aiden has proven that they are one of the finest and most intense live bands ever.
From Hell... With Love is a specially CD/DVD intended to give the rest of the world a glimpse of how chaotic this band is live.
Recorded in their second home of Chicago, IL, From Hell... With Love is a must see performance for all fans of Aiden and live music alike.

DVD Listing:

The Asylum
The Last Sunrise
Die Romantic
Black Market Hell
We Sleep Forever
I Set My Friends On Fire
Silent Eyes (Acoustic)
Let The Right One In
Scavengers Of The Damned
World By Storm
Killing Machine (Live From Ventura)
Knives Interview
Moment (Acoustic)
Genetic Design For Dying (Acoustic)
Elizabeth (Acoustic)
Let The Right One In (Music Video)
Scavengers Of The Damned (Music Video)
Moment (Music Video)
One Love (Music Video)
The Last Sunrise (Music Video)
I Set My Friends On Fire (Music Video)
Die Romantic (Music Video)
Knife Blood Nightmare (Music Video)

Estreia Mundial:
16 de Março de 2010
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