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Funny Days - The Birthday Party


Funny Days - The Birthday Party

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Narrated by the seemingly impartial "Encyclopedia Commedia," we learn the story of Bee Auguste in the style of a historical biography. Within our heroine's story, elements of this alternate-present seep in. Elements like why these Clowns are forced to flee Commedia, their homeland, in hopes of a better life in the United States. Clowns are not, in fact, even human. Though their humanity is innate, their species is Homo comicus, rather than Homo sapien. (Homo sapiens are informally referred to as "Normies".) Differences between the species are subtle, but highlighted by the Homo sapiens, who wish to segregate themselves as higher beings. Magicians are yet another species in this world, classified as Homo magicus. A heated rivalry exists, too, between Clowns and Magicians, as Magicians attempt to place themselves within the eschelon of Homo sapiens, or at least above that of Homo comicus. Our story focuses on the personal story of this singular young clown because, though she doesn't know it yet, Bee holds the dynamite to explode this warped socio-political structure. In the process, Bee is tested in ways she could never have imagined.

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