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Prince Harry joins four British soldiers in their attempt to make the first unsupported trek to the North Pole by wounded servicemen, on a charity expedition that has garnered support from everyone from photographer David Bailey to the Prime Minister.

Narrated by John Hurt, the documentary follows the team in a year of training and planning that ends deep in the Arctic Circle, where Prince Harry joins his fellow servicemen in their final preparations for an expedition that would challenge an able-bodied explorer, let alone those severely wounded on active service in Afghanistan.

Captain Guy Disney lost a leg to a Rocket Propelled Grenade; an IED blast damaged Sergeant Steve Young's back so severely he was told he might never walk again; a bullet through Capt Martin Hewitt's right shoulder left his arm paralysed and useless; and Private Jaco van Gass's arm was amputed after he was hit by a grenade. Now these young men are determined to reach the top of the world to highlight the plight of the seventeen-hundred-plus service personnel injured in Afghanistan since the conflict began.

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14 de Setembro de 2011
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