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Harry's Mountain Heroes


Harry's Mountain Heroes

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After facing life-changing injuries, a team of five soldiers who were wounded on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan took on one of the world’s toughest challenges: to scale the imposing Mt Everest.

Private Jaco van Gass lost his left arm in an RPG attack in 2009 and Private Karl Hinett suffered 37% full thickness burns in a petrol bomb attack in Basra. Captain Martin Hewitt and Captain David Wiseman were both shot through the chest in Afghanistan; Martin lost the use of his right arm whilst father of two David had to undergo 4 operations and 18 months of rehabilitation. And Captain Francis Atkinson was ambushed and shot in 2011, severing the nerves which control his right hand, ending his chances of becoming a surgeon.

Harry’s Mountain Heroes is a 90 minute documentary following the soldiers training in the UK with Prince Harry as they prepare to take on Everest and to overcome their physical disabilities as a team. Set against the stunning backdrop of the world’s highest mountain range you will see them as they trek, train and acclimatise for their longed for summit attempt. You will watch them as they climb up the deadliest part of the mountain; the infamous Khumbu icefall and as the expedition is eventually cancelled due to a combination of bad weather and extreme danger on the slopes above. And although their attempt this year failed, they have gained strength and learnt valuable lessons that will help them all as they face life back in civvy Street again.

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27 de Agosto de 2012
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