I Summon You, Gold!


Geum Nawara, Deookddak! 금 나와라, 뚝딱!

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A family drama that defines marriage&family and trick&truth about middle class people. Jung Mong Hee (Han Ji Hye) is the woman who dreams of becoming a jewelry designer while operating a small accessories stand and She married into a family that owns a large jewelry company. His husband, Park Hyun Soo (Yun Jung Hoon) is the president of this large jewelry company who is the elder son in the family business. Meanwhile, Sung Eun (Lee Soo Kyung) takes on the opponent role here as the antagonist to Jung Mong Hee. She is a successful jewelry designer and she is married to Park Hyun Joon (Lee Tae Sung) who is the second son in the family business.

Estreia Brasil:
6 de Abril de 2013
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